Audition CC

Make your audio editing more intuitive, efficient & fun with Palette
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Native Integration with Audition CC

Go beyond keyboard shortcuts and assign advanced functionality to Palette’s buttons, dials & sliders.

Features Overview

  • Manipulate your clip like never before - change frequency scale & resolution, nudge clip, shuttle or zoom
  • Control all your mixer tracks - volume, panning, toggling mute / solo / record
  • Change active track, master track or individual tracks with Palette dials or sliders. You can also cycle your active track with a Palette button to apply the same function on different tracks
  • Playback and timeline operations - Play / Pause, Moving Playhead (CTI) with a dial
  • Toggle skip selection, zoom or fade modes; select different tools; adjust brush size or opacity
  • Apply multiple fuctions with same Palette module - cycle between multiple Palette Profiles with a button