Capture One Pro

Palette gives you granular control over Capture One Pro. Save time, improve your workflow, and feel more connected.
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Advanced Control through Custom Shortcuts in Capture One Pro

Create multiple Capture One Pro profiles to suit your workflow and switch between functions seamlessly. What’s more, our dials offer advanced sensitivity options allowing you to individually fine tune the responsiveness of each control.

Features Overview

  • Direct control over White Balance, Exposure, HDR, Clarity, and Sharpening tools
  • Crop, straighten, and transform images, create and clone variants, make local adjustments, and even trigger image capture
  • File and edit controls, view options, and cursor tools all at the press of a button
  • Fine-tune the responsiveness of each dial independently with advanced sensitivity controls
  • NOTE: At the moment, sliders cannot be used in Capture One Pro. However, they can still be used with global media functions such as volume and brightness.