Tactile, precision control for Capture One 11+. Now available for macOS.

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Made for Capture One Editors by Capture One Experts

Get full creative control with fast and precise access to your most used Capture One functions in a completely configurable interface. Palette developed a Capture One integration based on extensive feedback from industry professionals, making Palette an indispensable tool during long editing sessions.

Control Capture One with Palette on macOS

Enjoy Full Creative Control

Palette Gear’s newly re-designed menu includes access to hundreds of Capture One function items. Set sensitivity and range for sliders and multi-function dials for greater precision and accuracy; adjust multiple parameters simultaneously like Kelvin and Tint; and control every slider in Capture One’s left-side tools panel with just a single Palette dial. It does it all.

Fully Customizable to Your Workflow

Palette’s modular design matches the completely customizable UI of Capture One. The entire experience moulds to your unique workflow. Customize the layout, functionality, and even the color of each module. Add multiple functions by creating custom profiles for basic RAW development, culling, and tethered capture.

The official Palette Capture One kit is the best way to edit with Capture One

Get the Palette Capture One Kit

The Palette Capture One Kit integrates effortlessly with a Capture One workflow. Get the exact number of sliders, buttons, and dials you need along with preconfigured functions for a plug-and-play experience, right out of the box.

What Professionals Are Saying

"My favorite thing about Palette—apart from the workflow efficiency gains—is that it gives me an analog feel in a digital world. It somehow draws you into the work a bit more and makes a sometimes tedious process enjoyable and more interactive."

Michael Woloszynowicz

Fashion, Portrait, Beauty Photographer
Toronto, Canada
"Palette enables me to better focus on my photographs while swiftly making precise, tangible adjustments. The system's robust yet easy customization and flexibility will improve any workflow, fitting practically any workspace, and is a perfect companion in Capture One 12."

Jordan Bush

Commercial/Editorial Photographer, Writer
Lancaster, PA, USA
"The potential of Palette in a commercial photographer's workflow is huge. Can't wait to see what they do next."

Derek Heisler

Commercial Photographer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"The editing experience is more intuitive, tactile, and efficient with Palette than with keyboard shortcuts. It makes my workflow that much faster and more effective!"

Quentin Décaillet

Beauty & Wedding Photographer
Lausanne, Switzerland