How It Works

Palette Connection and Setup

Getting Started

Get Connected

Plug in the core via USB and start snapping modules together. Remember: pins to pads!

Install PaletteApp

Download and install the software and add up to 18 modules to see PaletteApp's layout update instantly.

Click & Set

Assign your favourite function to any module, personalizing your layout to your workflow.

See more guides in the Help Centre

Function Modifier

Multiple Profiles

Create & autosave different profiles to assign a different set of functions for the same modules. Set your custom profile name and LED colours to suit your workflow.

Dedicate Button for switching

Assign "Next Profile" or "Previous Profile" function to any button to quickly toggle through saved profiles.

Automatic & manual switching

Press the "Next Profile" button to instantly change the function of any or all modules. Switch profiles automatically when your application focus changes.

Designed to Simplify, Built to Work

Palette has your unique needs covered - and more

Universal Controller

Works with numerous apps on Mac & Windows.

Configurable Profiles

Customize modules in profiles and switch between them for unlimited functions.

Display Screen

The colour OLED screen displays the active application and the custom profiles you've created.

Colour Mapping

Set the LED colour for each module to identify them better. Try red for undo, green for redo.

Magnetic Connection

Magnetically snap modules together. Move them at any time — don't worry, they remember their function.

USB Powered

No need for additional power cords. Palette runs completely off your computer's USB.