Keyboard Mode

Bind keyboard shortcuts to Palette buttons or dials & control any software
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Control any application with Keyboard Profiles

Map keyboard shortcuts to your Palette kit to optimize your workflow in any application. Save different sets of keyboard shortcuts as Palette profiles and easily switch between them.

Features Overview

  • Create single key or modifier combinations (e.g. Alt, Shift, Ctrl) to be executed at will
  • Set up to three different keyboard shortcuts for each Palette dials - rotate right, rotate left or press action
  • Create multiple keyboard profiles & set them for the application(s) of your choice
  • Switch between different keyboard profiles seamlessly & automatically, without breaking your flow
  • Save, load and share keyboard profiles; use preset profiles from Palette or others from the community
  • NOTE: Sliders cannot be used to set keyboard shortcuts. However, they can still be used with global media functions such as volume and brightness.