Lightroom 6 & CC

Palette gives you granular control over Adobe Lightroom. Save time, improve your workflow, and feel more connected.
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Direct Integration with Lightroom 6 & CC

Save your custom layouts in profiles that match your workflow and switch between them at will. Control a slider within Lightroom with — you guessed it — a physical slider. Manipulate an entire tonal range simultaneously. You'll quickly find that control at your fingertips means a more satisfying and quick editing process.

Features Overview

  • Control any of the sliders in the Develop module
  • Basic panel, Tone Curve, HSL/Color/B&W, Split Toning, Detail, Lens Corrections, Effects, Camera Calibration
  • Tool selection, Crop angle, toggling through presets
  • Library selection, rating and flagging
  • Many more...