Photoshop CC

Designed with retouchers and digital artists in mind, Palette Gear gives you personalized, hands-on control in Adobe Photoshop CC.
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Direct Integration with Photoshop CC

Endlessly customizable buttons, dials, and sliders; deeply integrated into Photoshop.

Snap together magnetic modules to create your ideal controller. Choose from hundreds of functions for each module for truly personalized editing.

Enjoy a faster, more intuitive workflow with dedicated dials, buttons, and sliders for your key Photoshop functions

Focus on your work, not the menus surrounding it. An intelligent notification panel offers live updates as you edit

Photoshop Profile 2 Photoshop Profile 1

Made for photo retouching and digital art.

Enjoy hands-on control of your most vital tools in Photoshop CC and keep your eyes on your work where they belong.

Comprehensive brush support; adjust any brush property from basic size and shape to advanced dynamics.

Quickly mix colors using dials and sliders to discretely control HSB, RGB, and CMYK.

Create multiple profiles to support your entire PS workflow and move between them with a button or dial. Select Next Profile to see profile switching in action.

Non-destructive workflow? No problem.

With adjustment layer and smart object support built in, Palette Gear supports your non-destructive Photoshop CC workflow.

Start moving a dial or slider and an adjustment layer is created above your present selection.

Prefer to use smart filters? Raster layers are automatically converted as soon as you make an adjustment.

Effortlessly navigate the tallest layer stacks—quickly select, arrange, create, and merge layers.

Note: While keyboard shortcuts may always be assigned to dials and buttons, Palette Gear does not natively support Photoshop plugins including Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for use with the slider at this time.