Photoshop CC

Designed with retouchers and digital artists in mind, Palette Gear gives you personalized, hands-on control in Adobe Photoshop CC.
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Direct Integration with Photoshop CC

Palette Gear dials, sliders, and buttons communicate directly with your most-used functions in Photoshop CC. Direct integration allows live updates for each adjustment in a moveable, hideable notification panel; keep your eyes on your work where they belong. Enjoy a faster, more intuitive workflow by assigning each module to control brushes and layers, select tools, create adjustments, and more!

Features Overview

  • Comprehensive brush support; adjust any property from size and shape to advanced dynamics
  • Select, arrange, merge, and group layers using Palette Gear dials and buttons; use a dial or slider to fade opacity and fill
  • Intelligent controls automatically create adjustment layers and smart adjustments applied to your selected layer
  • Quick and intuitive typesetting with tracking, kerning, leading, size, and even font family at the twist of a dial
  • Assign dials or sliders to the HSB, RGB, or CMYK mixers; use a button to quickly swap foreground and background colors
  • Zoom, undo/redo, transform, select tools, and even change workspaces!