Premiere Pro CC

Make video editing & color correction faster & more intuitive with tactile controls
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Native Integration with Premiere Pro CC

Go beyond keyboard shortcuts and assign advanced functionality to Palette’s buttons, dials & sliders.

Features Overview

  • Apply perfect Lumetri™ color adjustments with Palette, including all basic corrections, creative effects, curves & vignette properties
  • Use arcade style buttons for playback functions, to set in & out points, or to switch between favorite tools
  • Control all your mixer tracks - volume, panning, toggling mute / solo / record
  • Change active track, master track or individual tracks with Palette dials or sliders. You can also cycle your active track with a Palette button to apply the same function on different tracks
  • Precisely apply various effects such as motion, opacity, & audio
  • Control playback and timeline functions; such as the playhead, easily with a Palette dial
  • Render actions with Palette buttons: Render Audio, Render Preview, Render All
  • Apply multiple fuctions with same Palette module - quickly cycle between multiple Palette Profiles with a button, mapped to different Premiere Pro workspaces, functions or workflow stages
  • Note: Palette officially supports Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 and higher.