• Kitchener, Ontario
  • Full-time
  • $60,000 - $80,000

About You

You are a software engineer or computer scientist with a passion for creativity, design and human-computer interaction.

You like learning and working with both low- and high- level languages while following best programming practices and conventions in varying software environments. You apply user-driven design when building both software interfaces and the architecture that powers them. You can design and maintain complex systems with multiple interconnected services and software components. You understand the importance of quality control and continuous integration when shipping consumer products.

You are passionate about art and helping people express their creativity. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and can get things done.


  • Design and build the Palette desktop platform: programmatically configure Palette hardware, integrate with native operating system-level services, maintain Palette’s developer API
  • Integrate Palette’s hardware modules with third-party software: dials / buttons / sliders / other crazy hardware devices with photo / video / music / productivity / 3D software and games
  • Develop future desktop applications and interfaces from concept stages to public launch
  • Manage Palette desktop software releases along with associated internal DevOps tools and processes
  • Review and provide feedback for code contributions proposed by other team members
  • Collaborate with software, hardware, marketing and support teams on cross-functional projects
  • Participate in agile software sprints and roadmap planning

Required Skills

  • 2+ years of experience with one or more of the following programming languages: C/C++, JavaScript/TypeScript, Objective-C, Python, Lua
  • 2+ years of experience with Git version control
  • Experience with one or more of the following:
    • 3D graphics with OpenGL/WebGL
    • Hardware or network communication protocols such as USB, HID, MIDI or OSC
    • Native desktop APIs such as Cocoa or Win32
    • Full-stack web development
  • Strong practical knowledge of software design patterns and the following programming paradigms: object-oriented, functional, event-driven, asynchronous
  • Self-driven and independent; ability to formulate strategies and prioritize tasks with minimum supervision in a fast paced, team-oriented environment
  • Familiarity with some of the following software
    • Adobe Creative Cloud software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro
    • Capture One, Photo Mechanic
    • Final Cut Pro, Logic
    • 3D software such as Maya, Blender or Solidworks

Bonus Skills

  • Experience in the creative fields of photography, videography or music production
  • Experience with Qt framework
  • Experience with Node.js and writing native C++ addons
  • UI/UX design or research experience
  • Previous experience building and shipping software

Why this role will be awesome for you

  • Use leading-edge technologies to build the hardware interface platform of the future
  • As a core member of our software team, your contributions will immediately impact thousands of photographers, videographers, artists and developers worldwide
  • Work in the heart of the innovation district alongside other growing startups
  • Get licensed access to our supported suite of applications, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Capture One, Final Cut Pro, and more
  • Team lunches and monthly game nights
  • Ship product to thousands of creative professionals and help them do their best work!

About Palette

Palette’s magnetically connected sliders, dials and buttons offer creatives a faster, more intuitive and precise editing experience.

At Palette, we’re interested in creating a new category of hardware and software that bridges the gap between the physical and digital in a way that recognizes we all work differently. We’re excited to see people use Palette’s hands-on controls to make interaction more natural and enjoyable.

Palette’s award-winning design is now used by thousands of creative professionals in over 50 countries. Receiving phenomenal customer reviews has accelerated sales and distribution to well-known retailers around the world. The company was founded in 2013 and is backed by VC investors from both Silicon Valley and Canada. Building off this initial success, Palette is quickly growing to help even more professionals and make the world a more creative place!


If you think you would be a great fit, please send your application to [email protected]. Come join an awesome team and let’s build something great together!