Why Palette?

Engineered by artists.
Trusted by pros.

Cut your editing time by 30% with fast, precise, hands-on control.

Palette’s system of magnetically-connected sliders, dials, and buttons enables you to build a completely personalized controller.

Choose the layout, function, and sensitivity of each module. Assign colors to each to remember their function.

Edit faster, reduce strain, and keep your eyes on your work where they belong.

Dani Diamond
New York-based portrait photographer

Dani talks about what Palette means to him and how it has helped his workflow.

Palette is my best friend - I even travel with it
Photoshop CC Spotify Google Chrome

Dani's key functions

  • Brightness Adjustment Layer
  • Spotify: Change Song
  • Photoshop Actions

Allie Siarto
Allie & Co, Photo Field Notes

Allie explains how she's incorporated Palette into her Lightroom and Photo Mechanic workflow to cut editing time in half. Read the blog post

Palette cut my editing time in half
Lightroom Classic, 6 and CC 2015 Photo Mechanic

Allie's key functions

  • Exposure
  • Temperature
  • Crop Angle

Ted Belton
Toronto-based fashion photographer

Ted has adapted Palette's hands-on, modular controller into his personalized workflow during his live shoots as well as for editing his work.

It's nice to have a tool that is flexible, and adaptable but also capable
Lightroom Classic, 6 and CC 2015 Photoshop CC

Ted's key functions

  • Before/After
  • Luminosity mask
  • Brush Size
Palette kit packaging

Three kit sizes starting at $199.99

Build a Palette Kit