Modular and Customizable

You are unique. Create an interface that fits your workflow and style. Palette is not a fixed interface. It’s freeform hardware that grows with your needs and can be used for your favorite applications. Read more


Powerful Desktop Application

The Palette Desktop App does all the hard work. It recognizes software that is installed on your computer, and automatically pulls functions that you can map to the modules. There will be support for an eco-system of plug-ins, and software tools on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux platforms. Read more


Tactile with Pro Finishes

We recognize the need for an interface that is tactile, yet customizable. We currently offer several size kits, in Anodized Aluminum and Wood. Each of the wood pieces are cut precisely on a CNC mill, then they are sanded and oiled by hand. We know you will love the way it feels as you use it day to day.

Palette Kits

Choose from our list of kits starting from four modules up to 16 modules per kit. We currently offer them in anodized aluminum.



  • 1 Power
    1 Button
    1 Dial
    1 Slider
    Estimated delivery: April 2015



  • 1 Power
    4 Buttons
    5 Dials
    6 Sliders
    Estimated delivery: April 2015

People Behind Palette

Palette is made up of engineering and computer science graduates from the University of Waterloo. They share a passion for industrial design and human-machine interaction. Read our story

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How does Palette connect to my computer?

Palette connects via a standard USB cable on the Power Module. At the moment, wireless connectivity is not supported but possible for future versions.

Does it work with Windows or Linux?

Yes! The Palette Desktop App allows anyone to easily assign software functions to the modules and it will be compatible with Mac OSX (10.6 and above), Windows (XP, Vista and above), and Linux.

Does it support MIDI?

Yes! Palette can output in two modes: MIDI and HID (the common protocol used for keyboards, mice and joysticks).

When can I customize my Palette Kits?

Currently our web-store consists of pre-assembled kits. We are working on building a web application that will enable you to customize any kit with modules that suit your needs. We will keep you updated on when this web application will become available.

How does Palette work?

  1. Plug in the Power Module (included in every kit) to your computer’s USB port
  2. Connect up to 32 modules as you’d like in any shape or size. Note that beyond 16 modules, a separate DC power source, to be offered in future,  may be required.
  3. The Palette Desktop App then detects these modules on the fly as you add and rearrange them
  4. Use the Desktop App to easily assign module inputs to software functions, using presets or mapping them individually.
  5. It’s that simple. Now you have a professional tool that is personalized, will increase your productivity and it even looks great.

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